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Art & Writing

Fine Art and Comix by Michael Swartzbeck
The Burroughs File
Check out Virtually Reality, the 3D rendered cyberspace comic
Art Crimes
The Savage Art Page
just outside the place
Literary Kicks
The Writer's Page - Richard Cumyn
System Zero is a meeting place for authors and artists involved in unusual work.
What the Welsh and Chinese Have In Common (Poems by Paul Jones)
InterText (Electronic Fiction Magazine)
IN VIVO Literary Magazine -- Fiction/Poetry
Pen n Sword Hypersite
MINDBREAKER STUDIOS: Surrealist art from the Digital Madman
The Cosmic Cafe (and the link to the elusive BECK home page!)
*Alternative-X*: The Avant-Pop Network
Contribute to the Infinite Grid, a project of the OTIS arts collaboration group.
Art on the Net, a multimedia artists' gallery
Poetry at the End of the Rainbow
et Cetera - the zine of everything and nothing
The Tasmanian School of Art
Talking to the Sun
12hr-ISBN-JPEG Project: a continuous postmodern posting of photoart
DiskArt -- A gallery of arts and artists
The search for some hypertext fiction
The Maze
Travels with Samantha
Art+Performance Magazine (Chicagoland)
Borderline Netazine -- Cartoons, Animation, Humor and Satire
Telepresence Art
millennium pop: a journal of the popular arts
Recursive Angel Looks for Experimental / Philosophical Poetry
Poets Corner: A place for unpublished authors on the web
Silly Little Troll Publications/Sam Johnson's Electronic Revenge


Camper Van Beethoven
Internet Underground Music Archives
Addicted to Noise
The San Jose Symphony Home Port
Shoegazer/ambient/ethereal guitar rock; some mainstream stuff too
Music and Pop Culture
Indie-List FAQ
Ragged Clown Home Page (Bob Dylan)
Online Music References
Music info via FTP
Lyrics Title Search
White Noise
On-Line Music Database
Grateful Dead

Inspired Weirdness

Spatula City
biancaTroll productions
The Spew
Links from the Underground
Useless WWW Page
skootch on over to the internet love fest


The net.legends FAQ
The Home of Kibological Research and Worship
eye.NET -- The stupid net.coverage media awards
BOB(c)'s Unauthorized Kibological Archive
The Netizens and the Wonderful World of the Net
The Urban Legends gopher site
are you looking for electronic lifestyle and some adventures! come to the wild & wired. You won't regret!

Privacy & Security

The Electronic Frontier Foundation
Information on PGP (Pretty Good Privacy)

Science, Knowledge & Academics

Laboratory of Information Theory, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

Government and Politics

Welcome to the White House
Library of Congress
Thomas: Legislative Information on the Internet (U.S. Congress)
Meanderings - an interactive journal of politics, art & culture
Libertarian Party

Games, Sports & Recreation

Gaelic Football (Ireland's most popular sport) Home Page
Sierra's Cabin (educational, research, and other great links)
Cornell's Sigma Pi Home Page


Robin's nascent home page, with a growing amount of stuff (particularly xtallography & links)
Wayne's Home Page - Chili, Country Music, Theresa, and more!
Barbie's, Disney, and Personal Stuff by Jennifer Warf - Indiana University
I'm a student of computer engineering in University of Chile
Take this exit to DaanTown for a fun time!
Mike's page -- Pink Floyd, Tarantino, Bladerunner, Bruce Sterling, and more
That One Ali Guy's Web Thing (Alexandre Munizao)
Tim Szaro
Hoagy's Page. graphics, links, personal info about Hoagy.
Ben Kolin's home page with the best links anywhere!
This is your chance for intriguing sessions...
Flounder's Ocean
Bush's Bitchin Web Wonder
Dave Siegel's Casbah, a Power Bar for your brain.

Directories, Indices & Starting Points

NCSA What's New (now with "sponsor" ads....)
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Subject Catalogue
Internet Resources Meta-Index
The Mother-of-all BBS
Yahoo's Extremely Useful Web Catalog
The InterNIC InfoGuide Home Page
JumpStation Front Page
The Old Hippie's Page Of Groovy Links


Tallahassee, Florida Freenet

Internet Information Resources

Undernet IRC FAQ
World Wide Web FAQ
Archie (search of FTP sites) front end
Internet Web Text

Internet Tools

win2htm Windows [Mosaic] HotList to HTML Converter
NCSA PC Telnet
Stroud's Consummate Winsock Apps List

Web Page Creation

JHU/APL's WWW & HTML Developer's JumpStation - ver 1.5 (12 June 1994)
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
HTML Quick Reference (09/25/94)
Structured Text in HTML
Style Guide for Online Hypertext
HTML Tutorial
Mosaic and HTML Training
HTML Specification Review Materials
Weblint -- test your HTML
MacHTTP Home Page

(As Yet) Unclassified

the Virtual Cafe
Poker in MJ's basement
eek.a.geek: Java InYerFace Internet Cafe
Liberty Hill Cyberwerks

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