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Christian Crumlish


I do most of the busy-work behind Enterzone, though I'm always happy to have help. The only perk I get from that is that I can slip in my comix a few days late and no one says boo to me.

I'm exploiting the Internet as fast as I can with various books out there. (Subliminal message: buy them! buy them!)

I'd like to personally thank AALN for offering a safe haven for da Zone and for very generously offering to do the name service for our new domain (coming soon to a browser near you): ezone.org.

I got very happy today listening to a record (can we still call CDs records? I think so) called Dick's Picks Volume 3.

Read Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha as soon as possible, unless you'd prefer not to remember how painful it is to stop being a kid and grow up (and how mean kids really are).

I'm guilty of Netscapifying the crap out of my home page, but I'll fix it soon, honest. At least this zine is Lynx-friendly, eh?

I already kind of miss that doofus from my author page in episode 5.

After completing (more or less) the "paste-up" for episode 6 of Enterzone, my desktop looks something like this:

xian desktop

I have more to say but I'm out of time.


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