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Jay Marvin

Jay Marvin is a twenty two year veteran of radio. His poems and short stories have been accepted and published in: Sign of The Times, Sign of the Times Ten Year Anthology, Ishmael Reed's Konch, Black Bear Review, San Fernando Poetry Journal, Nihilistic Review, Blank Gun Silencer, Impetus, Point Of Interest, Long Beach Guts-Ette, Fifth Estate, Schmaga, Dumpster Times, The And, Druken Boat, Eclipse Magazine, New York Quarterly, Bouillabaisse, CokeFish, Tabula Rasa, Malcontent, True Wheel, Fell Swoop, Verse, Fuel, Experiment In Words, SchockBox, ZuZu's Petals, Gypsy, Hunted News, Uno Mas Magazine, Art Mag, Plastic Tower, Struggle, Man Alive, Redneck Review Of Literature, The Vinyl Elephant, Backwoods, Sacrifice The Common Sense, The Old Red Kimono, Chiron Review, Thrust, Bitter Zone Terminal, Obfuscating On Thin Ice, The Flower Shop, Poetic Eloquence, Sulphur River Literary Review, Atom Mind, Tight, Bold Print, Poetry Motel, Plazm, Poked With Sticks, O!! Zone, Pearl, Flipside, S.L.U.G.fest, io, Drivers Side Airbag, Caffeine, Surreal, Shrapnel, Ebbing Tide, In Your Face, Insomnia & Poetry, Abuse #4, The Glass Cherry, Indelible Ink, Spilled Ink, Sophmore Jinx, New Digressions, White Sands, Pink Pages, Tomorrow Magazine, Mudfish, Toxic Shock, Bleeding Sheep, Carbon 14, South Ash Press, Sniper Logic, Zen Tattoo, Mojo Risin, Poet's Park, So It Goes, Departure From Normal, Midnight Toast, In Vito, Angel Angst, Spunky The Moonkey, Poetry Ink, 256 Shades Of Gray, Kruel Magazine, Pif, Insomniac, The Generator, Room Temperature, R N' R, DADA , Think, and a chapbook of poetry Angel Wings published by Schmaga Press, Two Brothers Under The Same Blood Soaked Cover a chapbook with Bill Shields from Strange Press, Tasting What You Touch a chapbook with Paul Weinman from Piss Ona Convict Press, a collection of poems and prose poems titled In Your Face: The Midnight Poems of Jay Marvin Spectrum Press of Chicago, and a book of poems and prose from Angel Angst titled The Devil's Air-Conditioner. His radio show airs nightly from WLS AM in Chicago.


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