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Simran Singh Gleason

Too many self-portraits ago, Simran looked like this:
Now? Well, he seems to change with each new piece he paints.

Simran is an artist who lives and breathes on the San Mateo Coastside in (sort of Northern) California. He tends to work in way too many media. Sometimes he works digitally; sometimes he uses his toes.

You can find more of his work on Art on the Net. You can also find a show of Visual Poems that he helped curate at Gallery 92 West in Half Moon Bay.

About "Waterdreams":
I wrote Waterdreams the poem back in '92 after having all these dreams in which water played a large part. It basically languished in my notebooks for a couple of years (I probably posted it to rec.arts.poems).
One day in St Michael's cafe in Palo Alto, I was doing some digital sketching on a powerbook with a drawing pad. I decided to do a long scroll piece on a blue background. To keep things simple I was drawing only in shades of light blue. Forms started emerging, things started happening. At some point I remembered the poem, and decided to give the picture the same title. Given a picture and a poem with identical titles, I guess it's only natural to try to present them together. So, well, here they are...

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