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Brian Anthony Bernicken

I'm a freshman at the University of Dayton where I am studying Computer Information Systems. Currently I'm attempting to compile previous years of poetry in hopes of soliciting publishers next year. In addition to my literary aspirations, I also act, direct and stage-manage local theatre groups when I'm not playing in one of my bands. For further information about my earlier work, contact the

Mt. Vernon High School
Attn. Roger Robertson
300 Martinsburg Rd.
Mt. Vernon, OH 43050

I can be reached at BERNICBA@udaVXb.oca.udayton.edu until Dec. 16 and I will be without services until at least Jan. 2 when I should receive my new account. [Editor's note: mail for Brian can be also be sent to editor@enterzone.berkeley.edu in the mean time.]

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