Bjørk Barbie Bjork Barbie

I am free as Ddjunglezebra (twin $24.95) on an Örgryte (‘nubuck’ light brown leather $1999), said Bjørk Bårbie, a few days after her long and bitter divorce from Kën Krokshult. "The past was a log and all is left now is a Mula (hammering block, $5.95). Perched on her Haparanda (armchair, $299), a glowing Ironisk (candlestick, $2.95) at her side and a Stuby (5’7x7’11) at her tiny swedish feet, Bjørbie, as her friends like to call her, could only talk about the future: "I vant to sing pretty melodies about the bjyrds and the bjæs to the homeless møøse of the lapland. Måny peeplj do not knov abøüt their pljght. Ä møøse once bit my sister but I forgive him, because I understand his pain. The Skye ($399) is blü, ice is cold and møøse only have ljgønbjerries. It is tøø sad".

Kën would not return our phone calls.